IBiS Seminars


The objective of this program is to promote the professional development of the different IBiS researchers (staff, post-doctoral, funded by national, regional or private programs, etc.). The purpose of the program of training activities and exchange of researchers has three objectives:

  • Promote the training of researchers linked to the IBiS in the priority research objectives of the Institute. To this end, the presentation of the work (projects) in progress of the different IBiS groups, the most relevant achievements and the new issues they intend to address will be encouraged through periodic seminars.

  • Promote exchange between groups that facilitate the realization of joint projects, ensuring maximum consistency in the methods used in each group. To this end, an annual scientific event is established (see below) in which all IBiS researchers participate, as well as periodic area meetings, with the aim of promoting synergy and interaction between all researchers for the exchange of experiences, advancing in integration and better personal knowledge between them.

  • Create a training program regarding the use of common technology platforms and infrastructure

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