Flow cytometry service

The Flow Cytometry Service is a unit specialized in identifying, quantifying and isolating defined subpopulations of cells, based on the levels of expression of fluorescent markers and their relationship to each other at a single cell level.

Any part of a cell or any function of a cell that can be labelled by a fluorochrome can be measured by flow cytometry, making it an essential technique in many research applications, both biological and biomedical.

This unit aims to provide IBiS researchers with technical and scientific advice on the use of cytometry analysis and isolation technologies, collaborating with them in the design, acquisition, analysis and interpretation of flow cytometry data.

Location: 1st floor of the Ibis, next to the coffee shop exit door.

The Cytometry Service has three rooms:

  • Room 1. Analytical cytometry.
  • Room 2. Cellular separation laboratory of animal samples.
  • Room 3. Cellular separation of Human samples.

Hours: M-Th : 8:30 -18:00 /F: 8:30-15:00

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