Flow cytometry service


  • Multi-parameter analysis of both extra and intracellular labelling for cellular immunophenotyping and functionality.

  • Gene expression analysis using reporter genes.

  • Measure of cell proliferation: CFDA, BrdU, CFSE, etc.

  • Cell cycle: Cyclins, DNA content

  • Apoptosis assays (plasma membrane integrity, mitochondrial function, caspase activity, DNA fragmentation, etc.)

  • Cytokine secretion by multiplex assay

  • FRET.

  • Separation of cell subpopulations based on the differential expression of various intra and extracellular markers.

Ongoing Applications

  • Protein localization using PulSA methodology.

  • Development of new cell separation applications by cell sorting.

  • Separation of large particles, as yeast clusters or small larvae of C. Elegans.

  • Separation of small particles, below 1um based on their phenotypic characteristics eg microvesicles.

  • High dimensional data analysis , such as dimensionality reduction and clustering algorithms using Cytobank.

Tecnical Support

  • New User Equipment Management Course.

  • General monitoring and maintenance of analysers.

  • Help users with equipment problems, whether technical or experimental.

  • Support on experimental design and methodology.
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