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From the IIS Institute of Biomedicine of Seville (IBiS) a synergistic strategy is presented that encompasses three proposals for the call for Platforms of the Carlos III Health Institute:

  • (1) Biobanks and Biomodels as a Unicentric Integrated Proposal with three units (Biomodels, Animal Models and 3D Printing),

  • (2) Individual Proposal for a Clinical Research Support Platform and

  • (3) Individual Proposal for a Platform for the Dynamization and Innovation of the industrial capacities of the National Health System (SNS) and its effective transfer to the productive sector.

The objectives and work plan of each of the three platforms have been designed in an integrated manner to

(a) multiply the R&D&I service capabilities of the SNS in connection with healthcare activity (Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocío, HUVR; and Hospital Universitario Virgen Macarena, HUVM) and the industry,

(b) optimize the management of human resources and infrastructure of each platform and

(c) enable longer-range objectives that are more difficult to implement from a single platform.

Schematically, Figure 1 shows the scope of the objectives and actions pursued by each of the platforms and to which the integration between them will give rise.

Figure 1. Integration and interrelation of the ISCIII Platforms of the IBiS

A local Coordination and Governance Plan common to the three nodes of the platforms has been designed to ensure (a) the continuous optimization of the fulfillment of objectives based on fluid communication and (b) synergies between the three platforms that enhance capabilities and valuable previous experience of the large multidisciplinary team of IBiS professionals and the entire HUVR and HUVM health campus.

The local coordination of the nodes is integrated into the governance of the IIS and will be aligned with the guidelines of the Steering and Monitoring Commission of the ISCIII Platforms. As shown in Figure 2, an IBiS Platform Commission will be created locally. This commission will be made up of

(a) those responsible for each platform node,

(b) those responsible for each unit when they are formally established or by people who are actively part of the platform node and appointed by the Director at the proposal of the person responsible for the node, when there are no formally constituted units,

(c) the Director and the Vice Director of the IBiS and (d) the medical director of the HUVR. When there is no HUVM professional among these members, the Director will appoint a representative at the proposal of those responsible for the nodes.

The researcher responsible for the IBiS infrastructure and a project manager supporting the three nodes will also be part of this commission. The supervision of this commission will depend on the Permanent Commission for Research Coordination (COPCI), which is a joint commission of the IBiS Directorate and the Medical Directorate of the HUVR and to which representatives of each of the research areas of the Ibis. The Platforms Commission will meet once every three months and will periodically report to the COPCI on the progress of its activities and achievement of objectives.

The IBiS is conceived as a multidisciplinary biomedical research space, located within the HUVR Campus, a regional hospital complex in Andalusia with a high level of care, teaching and research, its objective being to carry out competitive international research on the causes of the most prevalent pathologies among the population and the development of new methods of diagnosis and treatment for them.

It was created on March 24, 2006 by virtue of an agreement signed by the Department of Health of the Government of Andalusia, the Department of Innovation, Science and Business of the Government of Andalusia, the Andalusian Health Service (SAS), the University of Seville (US), and The Spanish National Research Council.

In this sense, the IBiS is defined as a research institute, under a mixed and cooperative center model between the signatory entities.

This is reflected in the participation in this application within the IBiS Unit of professionals from two of these Institutions (Department of Health and University of Seville): HUVR, HUVM), Seville North Primary Care District (D.A.P Seville North) and the US.

Figure 2. Coordination and Governance Plan of the ISCIII Platforms of the IBiS

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