Animal Production and Experimentation

The service occupies an area of 1,100 m2, on two floors and distributed in different areas.

SPF and Conventional

Areas for rodent housing in conventional and spf sanitary status. Both areas have ventilated and non-ventilated (conventional only) Rack units for mice and rats. In both areas there are equipped surgery rooms and laboratories, with small equipment, as well as laminar flow, biological safety and gas extraction cabins. One of the conventional laboratories houses two hypoxia chambers for rodents. There is also a small laboratory with bioluminescence equipment for mainly oncological studies. Both the conventional and SPF animal facilities have their own storage and cleaning areas.

Cryopreservation and IVF Laboratory

Laminar flow cabinet for in vitro fertilization (IVF) (ISO 14644), with DSL32 light microscope (LED) and thermal plate: heated surface 600x300mm and heated glass Ø55 mm. Nitrogen N2 tank for gamete and embryo storage. Transport tank for cryopreserved samples. Ultrasonic straw thermosealing machine.


For rodent stabling in ventilated racks, maintaining Biosafety/Biocontainment II conditions. It also has hypoxia chambers for performing experiments under these conditions, surgery area and laboratory equipped with small equipment, laminar flow cabinets, biological safety and gas extraction.

Experimental Operating Room Animal Facility

Equipped with 2 ceiling Operating Room Lamps, 2 Anesthetic Gas Supply Towers, Anesthesia Tables, Hemodynamic Parameter Monitors and Manual Operating Room Tables, Surgical Microscopes, as well as a "Surgical X-Ray Arc".

Behavioral laboratories

Open field, Active/Passive avoidance, Rotarod, Barnes maze, Water maze, Fear conditioning/Startle, prepulse inhibition, EPM, 3-Chamber, Erasmus Ladder. 

Diagnostic Imaging

1. ICON 1T MRI: specific for small animals, equipped with: Rat and mouse body antenna and mouse head antenna, with inhalation anesthesia system; Hot water circuit for maintaining the optimal temperature of the animal; Monitoring with ECG, respiratory rate and rectal temperature; Paravision 6.5 visualization software and VIRTUE analysis software. 

2. IVIS Lumina (bioluminscence)

3. Surgical arch RX.

Biological irradiator

Cs135 irradiator for animals and cells

Sterilization and cleaning area

Steam sterilizing autoclaves, S.A.S. with hydrogen peroxide for the passage of racks and other large volume material; washing and disinfection cabin for racks and cages; bottle washing and disinfection machine; chip suction center with automatic discharge cyclone; chip dispenser; water treatment plant: decalcification and reverse osmosis; as well as other storage and transport material (shelves, trolleys, supports, etc.); all areas are completed with various S.A.S. for the passage of materials. All the areas are completed with several S.A.S. for the passage of materials.


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