Cell and Tissue Culture

  • To ensure compliance with the operating rules of the Service. As well as ensuring compliance with the requirements of the current legislation on Occupational Risk Prevention for Biocontainment facilities.

  • To carry out periodic controls of the proper functioning and preventive maintenance of both equipment and facilities in general (check the pressure and temperature parameters of incubators, laminar flow of the cabinets, temperature of refrigerators, freezers and baths, etc.). 

  • Manage the allocation of equipment and shifts of use of the same.

  • Design and implement cleaning, disinfection and/or sterilization programs for the instruments used in the culture rooms....

  • Perform tests for the detection of Mycoplasma contamination.

  • Set up and carry out appropriate treatments to treat contaminated cultures. 

  • Technical advice to users who require it.

  • Purchase and supply of generic consumables and common reagents.

  • Internal invoicing of services rendered to researchers and annual reports of the Service.
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