Scientific Instrumentation Service IBiS


The equipment is accessible 24 hours a day from Monday to Sunday.

It is strictly forbidden to use any equipment whose use and handling is unknown.

To use any equipment it is MANDATORY to reserve it in advance, indicating the name of the user and the laboratory to which it belongs.

The person in charge of the Service may turn off all equipment that is in use without prior reservation or registration of use under the responsibility of the person who has used it under these conditions.

It is MANDATORY to keep the equipment clean and to manage waste properly.

At the end of its use, the equipment must be properly turned OFF.

Consumables, developing kits, crystals, etc. required by the equipment, are the responsibility of the users.

The centrifuge rotors should be cleaned and returned to their original location at the end of their use.

The maintenance of the equipment is the responsibility of IBiS, and in case of breakdown, the Service Manager must be informed.




At the end of its use, it must be closed and left with the vacuum done before turning it off. When turning it on, the vacuum must be undone in order to be able to open it.

The rotors are located in the fume cupboard at 4ºC. After use, they should be cleaned and returned to their original location.

The reservation of the rotors and ultracentrifuges should be made in the name of the laboratory, putting in parentheses the name of the specific user who is going to use it. Ex: Lab xxx (Maria Lopez) rotor 70.1 Ti. Any reservation not indicated in this way will be considered as cancelled. 

The reservation of the equipment by the same laboratory for more than two consecutive days must be justified by the duration of the specific experiment being performed.

The Service Manager will be the only person with the authority to cancel reservations in case of non-compliance with the rules.


It is very important for all centrifuges, when finishing working with them:

Remove the rotor, clean and return to its original location.

Dry the inside of the centrifuge with paper if it has been used in refrigerated mode.

Leave the lid slightly open to allow the centrifuge to dry completely, as any moisture remaining in the unit may damage it.

The rotors are stored at room temperature in the cabinets indicated on each floor. They can be refrigerated either in the centrifuge itself (before placing the samples) or in the cold chambers.



Make sure that the used adapters are perfectly clean.

Return the adapters to the place where they are stored.

Switch off the centrifuge at the end of its use. Leave the lid open if used in refrigerated mode.


The user MUST adhere to the time reserved for use. Delays of more than 5 minutes will not be allowed as this is detrimental to the last users of the day. It will be the equipment timer that indicates the time remaining to finish the reaction and not the individual's calculations. Therefore, a person who has booked the equipment at 12:00h to 14:00h, must have the reaction finished at the latest at 14:05h if there is another user who has booked the equipment at 14:00h.

Equipment can only be reserved one week in advance. Of course, it will not be possible to reserve the equipment and not use it. Any change in the reservation must be communicated to the next user on the reservation list.

The user MUST indicate in the reservation, in addition to name and laboratory to which he/she belongs, the type of block to be used. This will facilitate the estimation of the necessary reservation time.

The same user cannot reserve the equipment for more than 4 hours per day. Not counting in the 4 hours of reserve, the preparation of the reaction. This means that if the user has booked from 9:00h to 12:00h, the reaction must be ready at this time. In case of delay, the reservation may be lost.

It is MANDATORY to turn off the equipment at the end of its use.

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